Monday, April 26, 2010

An activity i enjoy doing in your free time: Surfing

Source: Rodrigo Farías, Surfestival 2008. The man in the picture it's me.

Hi everybody:

Today i will explain about my favorite activity in free time. I will explain about surfing.
I started in surfing in 2008, in the beach of Maitencillo, region V. In summer, I had a surfing class with 8 to 10 classmates and 2 teachers when learning about use for the board and how do i stand up on the board. I had 3 classes and I felt very happy. Since 2009, I practice surfing until february 15th, 2010. The frequence of practice is relative, because depend with tides, swell, period of the wave, etc. In 2009, this is the year when i practice a little time, only 2 days in Pichilemu. The reason: Health problem in march and the consequences in the second semester. But, in september, I practiced in the Flowride (artificial wave) in Santiago. In this summer 2010, i practiced in 8 to 9 days in Infiernillo, a beach in Pichilemu. Now, i don't practice because the tsunami wave create problems with the bars of sand in the shore and many things and trashes deposits in the shore, like cars, trees, houses, etc. It's difficult to surfing beaches now.
Why i started? because i am interested about the sea waves, this is a simple reason.
Why I enjoy this activity? Because it's funny, it's hard and useful for interesting about coastal process and surf culture, and finally, it's a activity when i relax and have contact with the sea and nature.

Monday, April 19, 2010

New volcanic ash cloud

The ash cloud in UK, has been generated problems with the air traffic. But now, a new volcanic ash cloud have more problems, principally in the north of UK. The situation of the northern airports is uncertain.

Favorite Movie: Lords of Dogtown

Hello everybody:
I will explain about my favorite movie.
This movie calls: Lords of Dogtown.
The movie was directed by Catterine Hardwicke in 2005 and written by Stacy Peralta.
The first time to saw this movie is in 2006, at the Araucano Park, in a promotion a brand. I did´t pay to see the movie, because are free pay.
This movie like, because the plot and the topic it's interesting. In this time (2006) I saw this movie with my friends and at this moment, I practiced with my skateboard (and, the last moment is in this year, because was stolen in november 2006). I interested to saw this movie, because I needed to search the origin of the skateboard culture, and the relation with surfing in the 70's. This movie now it's important because one of the actor is Heath Ledger, when dies recently.
The reason of this movie it's better than other movies is difficult, only when you interest the topic and the origin of this movement and understand this now in the world, include in my country, when this movement arrived in 1977 and the peak of this in 1979 to 1980. Next, in the 90's was return and this was support to now.

Do you know this movie?
I hope to expected your comments.

Monday, April 12, 2010

My experience of the earthquake

My experience of the earthquake of 27'th february 2010, I stayed in my house, at 3:34 am, I was sleep. Next, I woke up with the movement in the bed, and I got up and I ran to the door, next to the living room and finally, went to under the doorframe. In this moment, the movement felt very strong, the lights turns off, the glasses in the furniture fell and broke, the swimming pool was overflowing to the grass, because the "little tsunami" was generated by the earthquake. I could run to the courtyard and saw the flood in this place generated in the swimming pool. When was finished the earthquake, I found my family under the doorframe, in the corridor. Next, my brother says "you must be find some bottles and fill with water, because the lights turns off" and I realized this order. In the mindtime, my brother take his cellphone and programed the radio. 4 minutes after, I listened the information of the earthquake. My mum put the candles and my dad cleaned the broken glasses. My dogs was scary and cries a lot, because a plastic bag with clothes fell to the dog bed when they were sleeping, and they got a fright.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A place in Chile that i enjoyed visiting frequently: Pichilemu

The place where i visited recently, in summer is Pichilemu. This place is located in the coast of the VI Region, at 259 km of Santiago. I visited this place from 1st to 15th of February 2010, 12 days before the earthquake and tsunami. I went with my parents and my brother this days and my sister the second week. In this place, I did many activities, but the best is surfing. I went surfing 7 days and it was amazing, the waves was incredible and funny. The water wasn't cold in the sea, but I'm a beginner in surfing. Pichilemu is a place where not only surfing is the attractive. I visited the Cahuil Lake, the salt extraction in the lake and I ate a fish in the restaurant. After, I visited Boyeruca, when I ate good food in the beach cove. I visited Iloca and Duao in the south of Pichilemu and I ate a good reineta and I enjoyed the beach.
In Pichilemu, I walked in the beach and the center of the city, where have many shops and restaurants, I ate ice creams and I bought a t-shirt. When I return to Santiago, I remembered the good moments of this place, until 27th february, when this places when I visited in this summer, dissapeared rapidly and I feel bad.