Monday, June 21, 2010

A work of art: Die gelbe Kuh

Hello everybody!
Today i will talk about a work of art i like. This painting is "Die Gelbe Kuh", in english: "The Yellow Cow".
This painting was created by Franz Marc, german painter. He borned in 1880 in Munich and he was died in 1916 in Braquis. He created this work in 1911 and it's the second work. The movement of this work is the expresionism, because the colorful cow and landscapes identifies this movement.
I like this painting because the use of colors, to use to paint a... cow? The gesture and position likes very funny, shows the pose of the cow.
I saw this painting the first time in 2006, when i had a subject in the last university says Expressionism and Surrealism in Europe. When i had a work of another painting, i choosed this work. Next, i investigated this work and i need to realized a essay for this paint. For my fortune or my good choice, i had a good mark.
What makes this work special?
This work makes special because this paint is funny, gracious and interesting. I like the gesture of cows, when the cows running (yes, it's very funny) and this painting shows this movement and obviously, i like this paint. Another reason is, when i realized this essay, i have a very good mark in this subject in second semester 2006. Now, this subject can't validate of my actual career, Geography. Because, Geography and... Expressionism and Surrealism? don't have any relation.
Well, if you like this painting, please comment of this blog.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Favorite Website: Surfline

Hello Everybody!
Today I will talk about my favorite website. This website is Surfline. (

Surfline is a website that talk about surfing.

I visit this page about 2 or 3 times a week. Somedays, when i stay in Pichilemu or other places in the coast, i visited 2 or 3 times a day.

This page shows about surfing photos, forecasts, videos, surf sessions, surf discussion, and all about waves.
I found this page in the summer, when i need to know about waves in the coast in this week and I heared a recomendation from my friend for this page.
I like this page, because it's useful, necessary and interesting for to go to surfing. Besides, i the last week it's necessary of my work in Sea Geography.
The best thing about this page for me is forecast. This section have a good forecast of central Chile and the beachs (or spots) to go to surfing, in details.
The problem when i don't like it is the language. This page have in English and the measure units have in imperial, not in metric. Besides, the surf cams doesn't have in Chile, because the resources to put the webcams in the beach is very expensive and the broadband (8 to 10 M/Seg) doesn't have in all chilean territory, mainly in the coast of south of Chile.
My other friends don't like it because the language don't understand (not only english, the technical surfer words), my friends doesn't interesting about surfing and prefer to visit other websites.

If you have interested about the conditions of the coast in central Chile, please visit the Surfline Gadget, in the right side of this blog.
Well, that is all my post.
Cristian Campos V.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Second free post: Parral

Hello everybody:
Today I will talk about my field work in Parral, VII Region. In the last thursday, I prepare the luggage to going to Parral. This work concern to the subject: Cultural Geography. I was going to Parral about 4 days. The idea of this field work is to get back artistical and cultural heritage, and the building patrimonial. My field of study is the center of the town, historic quarter. Why the name is "Historic Quarter"? Because this is the functional center and it's the oldest part of the town.
This zone have many shops, banks (one and the most important bank is destroyed), churchs, administrative buildings, municipality building, public library, public high school, notary's office, theather, primary school and many adobe houses, when the last earthquake, many houses was collapsed. After the earthquake, many adobe houses was replaced with shacks or huts. In Parral, 15 people died and the Hospital have structural damage.
The high school have structural damage in the second and third floor. The windows was broken, the structural rods was bended.