Thursday, August 26, 2010

A good book

Hi everybody!

Today I write in my house, because I can't enter to the faculty... but the english activity continues.

I will talk about a good book. The book calls "Mala Onda" and it was by Alberto Fuguet.

I chose to read this book because it is obligatory text in my school (this book read in 2004) and all of books when I read, it's the best.

Obviously, I enjoyed this book. This book refers the context of young man’s in 1980. They have a good economic situation and the author explains all of this adventures, the process in the capital city Santiago and the problems of the curfew. I enjoyed this book, because all of the topics, context and situations are interesting and relatively near to my life, but... in 1980!

This book read in my house and school library. But, the good place to read this book or another books in the beach or in the toilet. The reason is: In the beach, the sound of broken waves or wind was perfect for concentration and in the toilet, because it is necessary to didn't boring.

Read is a good activity, but the difficult situation is read a book, a newspaper or magazine. Sincerely, I like to read magazines, academic books or newspapers instead of novels, best sellers or other narrative books. The reason is, all of this books only reads when I call to read and now, I can’t feel to enjoy this books.

That is the reason that I don’t like these books now.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chilean miners' families pitch up at Camp Hope

Families, friends and curious people live in theis camp. 33 miners have at 700 meters below the surface and 2o days trapped. "I can breath easy now. There's no doubt" say Pedro Segovia, one of 33 miners trapped.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

3rd Surfestival 2008. An a surfing exhibition.

Hi everybody!

Today I will talk about 3rd Surfestival in 2008. This festival have an exhibition of surfboard, surf movies like "Chile Oculto" or "One Track Mind", an music. This festival was realize in december 2008, the first week in many places. I visited this festival in Mall Sport in Santiago de Chile. The festival traveled to Iquique, Maitencillo, Pichilemu and Puertecillo. The last Surfestival was cancelled in Santiago, because it had problems with the earthquake.

I really enjoyed this event, because it is the moment who disconnect to the routine and test (I visited this festival after PSU) and I really interested about places to surf in Chile and another places in the world. As well, I visited the surfboard exhibition, when have many designs of chilean shapers (Shaper: A person who design and create a surfboard) or world shapers.
The negative point of this festival is the bad experience in the mall, because the place closed at 10 pm, and the festival closed at 11:30 pm, so I trapped, because all the doors was close with padlocks and chains. Solution: I ran to the parking lot in the underground an I escaped to the street to go to the bus stop.
I decided to go to this event because it's free, near to my house and the topic is interesting and... I needed to relax after PSU. This festival didn't have many people but enough to the develop of the festival.
The music of this festival was good, because the brazilian singer sings covers of Jack Johnson or other singers or bands and his songs in portuguese.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Snowboarding, an activity that i would like to do.

Hi everybody!

Today, in the 2nd semester, I will talk about something interesting I would like to do. This activity is snowboarding. But, what it is?

Snowboarding is an activity very similar to surfing, but it isn't realize in the sea. Only practice in the snow (that is the reason of the name snow-boarding). But, board in the snow? Yes, the board isn't made up with wood, but made up with aluminium. The first snowboard was create in 1968. In Chile, in the 90's is the first practice in the ski resorts (Lagunillas and Valle Nevado).

And why you would like to do it?

Because, it's similar to surfing. I tried to have classes of snowboarding in 2005, but in the school group, I was the only person interested to practice this sport, all of the classmates like skiing. The most important reason is, practice snowboarding is very useful to practice surfing, mainly balance and legs moving.

This activity is interesting because it's funny, similar to skateboarding, surfing or other board sports. In my case, the place do I will practice, is near to my house, because I live closer to the mountain.

But, I think this activity is to be good to practice, because i have experience in surfing (not very good, but i practice something) and snowboarding is very similar. I think it's is not complicated to me and i learn very quickly. The problem is, this activity is very expensive, to have equipment and to go to the ski resorts.