Thursday, September 30, 2010

A shop I like

Hi everybody!
Today I will talk about my favorite shop. The name of this shop is "Surfers Paradise". This shop is in Santiago, in Apoquindo 4900 (96-98) in the Omnium Shopping Center. This shop sells surfboards and accessories for the surfers (leash, fins, decks, wetsuits and many others) and body boarders. Clothes don't sell in this shop, because in the east side, have a shop that sells clothes for surfers and public in general.
Why I like it? Because this shop is near my house, the accessories were very cheap and the service is very good.
The first time when I went there is in 2007, that looked up to surf schools near Santiago and gave me a surf school in Maitencillo, V Region and other visit when bought a wetsuit.
I visit this shop irregularly, 2 or 3 times a month or 2 times a year or 5 times a week, it's very irregular my visit for this shop, because sometimes I needed only a wetsuit or boots, but this year in march, I visited 6 times a week, because I have a volunteer for the recollection of clothes and food to the affected to the tsunami and earthquake.
The last thing who bought in this shop is a boot, because I had problems with the cold water in winter and need to cover my foot.
This kind of shop I like, because is a technical shop, sells only accessories for surfers, surfboards and body boards and all the necessary for to go to the beach and go surfing.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My favorite "Fiestas Patrias"

Hi everybody!
Today I will talk about my favorite "Fiestas Patrias" memory. Today, I can write in my blog, because I have problems with my Google Account, sorry for my delay.
My favorite "Fiestas Patrias", I don't remember the year, but i have good memories for that. This party was realizing in my grandmother house, in Tomé, in Biobío Region. This party was funny and I ate a lot of seafood, meat (in barbecue, obviously) and the best of that, this celebration had to get together to all my relatives, parents and friends. This celebration had not only seafood or meat; I ate many potatoes with mayonnaise and carrot, other salads and fruits and a good dessert (cake). The place is beautiful to have celebration, because many people celebrate in their houses in the day and the "Fondas" in the night.
But, why this celebration it was so memorable?
Because this is the last celebration where all my relatives were present, except last year and today, I can't celebrate the "18" with my relatives other years, because the money who spent for to travel to the south of Chile is a lot, and this celebrations I spendt money in kebabs, barbecues, wine (good wine, not "Cartoné" or wine in a Tetra Pak), punch ("Ponche") of peach, pineapple or strawberry ("Borgoña"), "Vino Navegado" (Hot wine, with skin of orange and cinnamon) and many other drinks, like "Chicha".
The last year, my family tries to get together with my relatives and this celebration was good, but today, the ambient is very different to the last year. The reason is, the last earthquake and tsunami was affect to my relatives and the city (Tomé) and the place that I stay (Pingueral). The landscape is very different to the last year, I saw the destruction of the tsunami and the reason for the celebration in the south of Chile is to meet again, after the earthquake.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Students demonstrations

Hi everybody!

Today I will talk about student demonstrations. This week and the last week the students of my faculty, had a demonstration of education politics of the government. I really don't like explain this topic, but it's an obligatory activity...

These students voted stopped academic activities in the FAU, and some students had a march in the center of Santiago. The consequences of this march, in the last Thursday had a strike with the police and they shot paintballs to inside the university and tear gas.

Leopoldo Prat, dean of the FAU, wrote a public declaration and explains all the situation of students, point of view of the strike and the reason of this demonstration. After, Víctor Pérez, rector of Universidad de Chile, wrote other public declaration, who explains a preoccupation of this situation, suspended a meeting with the general director of the police and set a meeting with Rodrigo Hinzpeter, Ministry of the Interior.

Personally I think these demonstrations always generate problems, strikes between students and government, doesn’t generate dialog with 2 parts and don’t resolve the problem of education. Refer to I need to participate of this activities; I don’t like that, because I don’t like to generate problems with the police.

But the reason of in this Blog, don’t explain more about my opinion of this demonstration, because I have a lot of problems with my classmates with this topic, about classes suspension and all of this meeting of faculty and I really, don’t like to explain more of this topic and all the readers of this blog and the teacher understand my decision.