Monday, May 31, 2010

My best holiday!

Hello everybody!:

Today I will talk about my best holiday when I remember. This holiday was in august 2006. I had visited Brazil an travel to Búzios. This days in Brazil is the coolest days, but, for me is normal and nice temperature. I traveled with my brother and my sister and I stay in a "Pousada" for one week.

First, I have a scale in Sao Paulo for 45 minutes, and next, I arrived in Rio de Janeiro. Next, I take a tourism bus to Búzios. These days I enjoyed the hot sea waters in the beach, yellow sands and drink a lot of Caipirinha (but, I never felt drunk, yes, really). I visited beaches like Joao Fernandez, Ferradura, Tartaruga, Forno, and all the beaches was different. One have calm, other have more waves, other have hot waters, etc.

In the night, I visited restaurants, but discos didn't open. Only live music and sang bossanova.

The town is beautiful and the people nice.

I remember this holiday, because is the most different than other holidays. Naturally, I have holidays in february and september, but not in august. My normal holidays travel in Chile in a car, bus or train. This time is the first time to arrive to a plane and fly, first time to going out to Chile and the first time to have holidays in august! Yes, this holiday have more first times, and that is the reason when this holidays didn't forget.

That is my best and significant vacations in Brazil.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mistakes and fails of my presentation

Hello everybody!
Today i will talk about my english presentation. The topic of this presentation is surfing. I talked 4 minutes aprox. I brought magazines and an object with the surfer needs to surf.
But, my problems about my presentation are my pronunciation and I forgot some words and order to the words.
When I explained about accesoires of surfing, I forgot more words, because I didn't have notes.
The topic was interesting, but the magazine distracted to the classmates. I think, this magazine is more interesting than my presentation, and that is the problem.
About my presentation in MS Powerpoint, the slides are good, but not clearly to the classmates. I need to improve my english fluency and don't forget words in this presentation. Sincerely, the concept of surfing it looks a tongue twister.
Well, I don't saw other problems about my presentation. I will expect with your comments about my presentation, because I need a feedback.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Free Post

Hello everybody!
Today i will talk about a free topic. The topic is, my situation (this is similar to "Stream of consciousness"). Today i have a test of Economic Geography at 12 o'clock and it's difficult because this test have a lot of writting, and the question of the test is about globalization, regional analysis, text comprehension and concepts of economic geography. Before this test, i have a local climatology class, but only 7 classmates came to this class today. Next i have a second class of local climatology with a assistant professor, when explains about statistics and methods to use interpolation of the temperature and precipitation data and this assistant professor has furious because the classmates and me, don't have read and understand the information and instructions for the work.
After the Economic Geography test, i ate sushi in a restaurant "Mr. Cook" and next, i bought a tea cup and drank them.
Now i have english class, i prepare (really, bad prepare) the presentation about hobbies. My topic when i will take about is surfing, but the complications of the test and the discourse analisys of Cultural Geography, when i give to the assistant professor, can't realize better my presentation. Most of my classmates can't prepare the english presentation and today, yes, thursday, i write in this blog. Normally, i write this blog on monday, at 3 to 4 pm, but this exception of the problems of presentation, I can write in this day.
Next week, in monday, I have my presentation. The next class today is Cultural Geography and next... back to home.
Tomorrow i left Santiago. Why? Because i will going to Pichilemu for 3 days. The reason is, I need to practice surfing, visit places when have destruction of earthquake and tsunami in february. The same places when i visited before earthquake in the first and second week in february 2003. But, (yes, BUT) the real reason to going to Pichilemu is to rest, sleep and don't study.
This week is a bad week. Many and many test have this week, Sea Geography, Cultural Geography, ¿English?, Economic Geography and..., really, i can't remember other test or works. The last week was similar to now, but, afortunately this is a short week. May 21th is a holiday, when celebrates the Naval Glories, and... the boring president speech, when my family likes to hear that... Well, i don't have preocupation of that, because this time, probably going to the beach and practice surfing or, going to the bed andgoing to sleep a lot.

Yes, this post don't have a good order, but this post is similar to the literary topic, the "Stream of consciousness", but I need to write more to 250 words in this blog. This is requirement to post on this. In this case, don't worry about correct words.
Now, I finish this post.

PS: I write only 487 words.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Photograph: FIDAE 94'

Hello Everybody!:
Today I will explain about my favorite old photograph.
I like this photograph because it reminds me of what i was like as a child and it's a airplane that generated problems an political problems in the last time, the bought of the airplane "Mirage".
This photo was taken by my mother with a analog camera (Kodak). My father and my brother saw another airplane and didn't show in this photo.
The photograph shows me, when i felt happy, but i felt nervious, that is my hands has in this position. In this image, i was 6 years old. Shows the airplane "Mirage", people when saw this airplane and the flags of the old Cerrillos Airport.
This photo was taken in march 1994 in the FIDAE, means "Feria Internacional del Aire y del espacio" in spanish, but the airplane who shows more attractive is this plane in the photo. The other planes in this event is only commercial planes and helicopters. The plane who takes aerial photos, shows in the next 2 years. In this time, represents diferent countries who shows innovation about airplanes, have a lot of garbage in the floor, because this day had a hot day and the Coke paper cups had sold in this event.
The last time when I visit this event in 1998 is the last time who realize this event in this Cerrillos airport, after this airport was closed and created a park. In 2010, this event realized in Pudahuel airport.
In general, I have a good memory of this event, I felt happy, I walk a lot and felt exhausted.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A country I would you like to visit: Australia

Hi everybody!
Today i will talk about "A country I would you like to visit". This country is Australia.
Why? Because is a beautiful country, when have big cities, good waves, good people and good culture. Australia is a big country, have divided in 7 states: Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, West Australia and Northern Territory.
I will like to surfing in a wave, explore the desert and see kangaroos. The cities will I like to visit are Sydney, Camberra, Brisbane and the neighbours. Of course, i will like to visit the Ayers Rock and the famous waves to surf in Australia.
I think it would be an interest place to visit because is too far, in the other side of the world, but, in the same hemisphere (summer is the same in Chile and Australia, in december, january, february and march), and the attractives in the country is natural construction (except the Sydney Opera, when it's a human construction and it's the symbol of Sydney)
The difference this country than Chile, is the climate, the language, culture, waves (yes, it's different than Pichilemu or Arica) and animals. Another difference is the economic development and it's good for the function of goverments and economy, so, i don't have problems to visit this country.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Revision: My earthquake experience

Original Post:

My earthquake experience begin in the night of the earthquake a 27 of february, I did sleep in my bedroom in Santiago, Chile in that moment (3:37 am) the shake was very strong and wake- up my parents too and to decide went to secure area in my house.

There a long wait while the earthquake was pass, in this moment the wine glass fallen.
I reacted whit my parent, but I prefered save my possesions.
After one month I post in twitter a . that meant one minute of silence.
Chile reacted very good. The people know that do in case of tsumani, they run quickly to the mount or stay in a secure area.
the problems was the government, they FAIL! and to lie to the people provoking many death.
All death could are prevention, this people was inocent to believed that the tsunami did go.
Finally this tragedy demostrate the chilean solidarity!

My corrections:

My earthquake experience begin in the night of the earthquake at(ww) 27 of february, I did sleep in my bedroom in Santiago, Chile.(P)(v) In that moment (3:37 am) the shake was very strong and wake up(sp) my parents too and to decide went to secure area in my house.

There a long wait while the earthquake was passing(wt), in this moment the wine glass fell(wt).

I reacted with(sp) my parent, but I prefered save my possesions.

After one month I post in Twitter(wf) a point (.) (P) that meant one minute of silence.

Chile reacted very good. The people know that do in case of tsunami(sp), they ran(wt) quickly to the mount or stayed(wt) in a secure area.

The(wf) problems was the government, they were FAIL!(v) and to lie to the people provoking many death.

All death could are prevention(?), this people was inocent to believed that the tsunami didn't(v) go(?).

Finally this tragedy demostrated(wt) the chilean solidarity!

About Araya's blog

Hi everybody!
Today I write about the blog of my classmate, Cristóbal Araya.
This blog have written 9 posts, with photographs and videos. The color of the blog is blue, text is pale blue and title color yellow. The video in this blog is a gift for teacher Simon, about the person who speaks "spanglish" to CNN international. Another video is the Blue Man Group - I Feel Love, and it's the last post in this blog.
This blog have link list and pictures about peppers and the band Red Hot Chili Peppers and have a gadget: Twitter Updates.
My first impression of the blog is a simple blog, but when I search the blog in more detail, it is a complete blog, more than my blog. The color is friendly to read and the style or design like serious and elegant blog, different case about the content and topics, likes funny and interesting.
The picture in the title is Dr. House.