Thursday, November 25, 2010

English learning experience

Hi everybody!
Today is my last post in English class (yeah!), and I will talk about English learning experience. About English experience in UChile, it's very good for my development, to improve my English in my career and had a lot of works, presentations and listening with a good average (5.0 to 5.5 aprox.). I had other English classes in school and the previous university, but these classes have very well, with a lot of activities.
I enjoyed these classes, mainly presentations, because the topics of English presentations had very interesting and the results were good. Other reason is this blog. Realize this blog, for this semester was very interesting and sometimes funny. But, the blog was the better way to improve my English and interact with my classmates, and presentations were very good to have good vocabulary and pronunciation.
The most boring of English class is the written test, because didn't have interact with my classmates and sometimes, topics and texts have very boring.
The most difficult part in English class was complete words in a text. Sometimes have only one correct of 10 words or sometimes didn't finish the activity, because I needed more time to complete sentences.

Well, this is the last post. Thanks for your time to read these posts and have a good time.
Yours sincerely

Cristian Campos Valdivia.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Classmate's blogs

Hi everybody!
Today I will talk about a blog of one classmate. This blog is Revolution! of Nicolás Villalobos. I like this blog because is easy to read, interesting posts and simple in the distribution.
This blog first with a image of The Beatles, the title of this blog is "Revolution!" and it's a song of The Beatles. In the posts, have interesting images and titles.
The post which I enjoyed most is "Favorite Childhood Game", the last post of this blog. I enjoyed this post because I played the game "Galaga" in NES or flipper in vacations. I remember this game, because it's simple, not easy and funny. I played this game when I had 5 to 10 years, and always die in the 3rd level, it's very difficult!
About this blog, is necessary to improve that, principally the distribution and configuration of the page. The image of The Beatles, generate problems with space and the posts appear in the lower side of the page and it's necessary for a reader blog, scroll up to see this blog.
In some post, the text height is very, very small. This problem generates difficulty for read. Furthermore, colors of the text and different text height in different post is one of the problems that it's necessary improve.
Other things to improve are to add links of all classmates. The reason is, to generate better access to another blogs and make navigates easy.
In spite of these problems, the blog is very interesting, good choices to answer the questions and topics and other reasons to enjoyed this blog.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Favorite game when I was a child

Hi everybody!

Today I will talk about my favorite game when I was a child. This game was called Nintendo. Nintendo Entertainment System is the first videogame console when I used in my life. I played this game with a color TV (I played in a IRT TV) and a transformer. My favorite game in this console is Super Mario Bros. To play this game, I needed to buy a cartridge, put the cartridge (and blow this) and finally, play this game (one or two players). It was very simple, but not very easy to connect to the TV. In this situation, I needed to buy an adaptation. The game consist in a person to pass 8 worlds, eat coins and fungus (to growth or to give 1 up). The objective is to capture the princess in a castle, in the 8th world. The man, pass dessert, pipe or ice worlds.
I played this game regularly, 3 or 4 times a week. Sometimes, in a holidays, I played all the day, until finish the game, except in February when I didn't play the game, because transport this console to another house or TV, is very difficult and dangerous, in this period.
I played this game alone normally, but sometimes I played this game with my brother or another friend. This game only plays with 2 players, because the configuration of Super Mario Bros only can play with Mario (Red) or Luigi (Green).
I like this game because it was very funny, addictive and simple to play. But, the problems of this game are the ocular problems, because the color TV wasn't very good and old, and the transformer is bad. For me, is very common to heat up the transformer and burn out and other electrical problems. During the time, have good transformers and didn't have this problems. In 1996, my parents changed the TV and bought a Goldstar TV, to see the football match, and play better the game until 1997, when I have a PC and the old NES didn't like that.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Best Chilean: Pedro Aguirre Cerda

Hi everybody!
Today I will talk about "The Best Chilean". For me, the best Chilean is Pedro Aguirre Cerda.
This man was a president of Chile, between 1938 and 1941. He was a political figure and member of Radical Party.
The slogan "Gobernar es educar" (to govern is to educate) show this priority in government was education. He promoted the development of the technical-industrial schools and creates the Production Development Corporation (CORFO) to encourage with subsidies and direct investments and a program of import substitution industrialization (ISI). This was a basis of the industrialization of my country. In education, in this government, built thousands of new regular schools and encouraged the growth of the university system to cover the whole of the country.
For me, this is a important person, because the legacy of education keep until today (in spite of that education today is wrong, but for other reasons) and create an institution to develop industries, it remains today, supporting small and medium enterprises (PYMES) and other encourage in investigation and innovation.
If I could ask him, the question is: Create a lot of schools is great, but the quality of the class in this schools, how do you measure that? How do you encourage the quality of education? I think the answer of these questions, resolve the problem of education today, because he creates the system, but today, have to need an actualization.
Other thing about Pedro Aguirre Cerda is the chileans call him Don Tinto, because he had a farm with grapevine to create wine in Los Andes.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A good job

Hi everybody!
Today I will talk about a good job. The job i will like to do is a geographer, principally in coastal planification. I like this job, because this job have a relation to my career and that is the reason to study this career. I like to plan and design regulator plans, places can build a harbor or a marina and demarcate roads and track to access beaches.
I think about this job I enjoy that, because it is very interesting for me and I will work with people who studied other disciplines like architecture, engineers and many others. I like coastal planification because in my country, this topic doesn't have developed, except this year, about consequences of the tsunami in February 2010.
I will be satisfying job to do, because i give to this job my knowledge about waves, coastal morphodinamics, my experience of surfing and field works in my career.
At this moment, I don't know anybody who has this kind of job, that meet with him, but I think that many people in the state or private organizations have people this kind of job.
I really like many other jobs, like surf instructor, glaciologist or geomorpher, but during the years, this jobs will changes for I like. The reason is, to understand and enter to this job, have a different perception regarding for to know before.
Why surf instructor? Because is funny, regular paid and have well ambient.
Why glaciologist? Because is interesting, applied to my career.
Why geomorpher? Because this job not very people work in there.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Famous Person and Historical

Hi everybody!

Today I will talk about my favorite historical and famous person. This man is Eddie Aikau.
If you don't know this famous person, he is a hawaiian surfer. He was born in May 5, 1946 and die in February 1978.
Even though he's dead, I will like to meet, because for me, is a heroe. He tried to rescue the boat "Hokulea", organizated by the Polynesian Voyaging Society in 1978. He didn't use a life preserver, he used a surfboard to tried to rescue all the crew. He paddled toward Lanai (a hawaiian island) on his surfboard. I like to talk to him and explains to me, the real use of surfboard in different situations, why he made that decision to paddled to an island and didn't use a life preserver, further that he was a good surfer and talk to me the real experience of big waves.
He knew about waves and I will ask to Eddie about his experience of surfing, the rescue (and motivation) and the knowledge of the coast an all necesary to know an lifeguard (I really don't like be a lifeguard, but the concepts of currents and waves is very interesting and he knew about that) and obviously, the legacy of all the surfers and some chilean surfers who want to follow his path (for example: Ramon Navarro).
His person is interesting not only for me, but all chilean people who suffer the consequences of the tsunami and explains to this people "don't be afraid to go to sea, but they must be know it well" and have a good conversation to the victims, surfers and geographers to make a decision an motivation (and responsability) to live in the coast and the real spirit of surfing.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Learning english

Hi everybody!

Today I will talk about "learning english". I like learning english because it's funny, useful and sometimes easy. I think about english is sometimes easy, because most of commercial, words, concepts have in english; but, to use correct words, redaction and pronunciation is very difficult to me, because I'm talking all the day in spanish, my conversation is in spanish, that is my native language.

I think learning english is very useful, because it's necessary for understand books, papers; to communicate with other people who speak english and understand lyrics of my favorite bands and composers. But, it's not very useful to my relation with other people who speak spanish.

Will english be useful in my future profession? Of course. Today I need to read papers which the language is in english, this blog is in english and many books, relation to geography is in english, so it's very useful to my career. Many concepts about physical geography and human geography is in english. Many authors, investigators and scientist speak english. For science, english is similar to the common language, to communicate to another countries.

Finally, english is a language for business, science, and sometimes, an academic language. If I will a good professional, I need to speak english very well, write, understand and explains in english to the other people. My situation now is: I have 14 years to learn english, in different schools and universities, but, in spite of learning english a lot of years, I'm not write and speak english well (this blog probably have a redaction problems) and this blog is a tool to improve my english redaction.