Thursday, October 14, 2010

Learning english

Hi everybody!

Today I will talk about "learning english". I like learning english because it's funny, useful and sometimes easy. I think about english is sometimes easy, because most of commercial, words, concepts have in english; but, to use correct words, redaction and pronunciation is very difficult to me, because I'm talking all the day in spanish, my conversation is in spanish, that is my native language.

I think learning english is very useful, because it's necessary for understand books, papers; to communicate with other people who speak english and understand lyrics of my favorite bands and composers. But, it's not very useful to my relation with other people who speak spanish.

Will english be useful in my future profession? Of course. Today I need to read papers which the language is in english, this blog is in english and many books, relation to geography is in english, so it's very useful to my career. Many concepts about physical geography and human geography is in english. Many authors, investigators and scientist speak english. For science, english is similar to the common language, to communicate to another countries.

Finally, english is a language for business, science, and sometimes, an academic language. If I will a good professional, I need to speak english very well, write, understand and explains in english to the other people. My situation now is: I have 14 years to learn english, in different schools and universities, but, in spite of learning english a lot of years, I'm not write and speak english well (this blog probably have a redaction problems) and this blog is a tool to improve my english redaction.


  1. if you train hard,you´ll be able to improve your english!

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