Thursday, November 25, 2010

English learning experience

Hi everybody!
Today is my last post in English class (yeah!), and I will talk about English learning experience. About English experience in UChile, it's very good for my development, to improve my English in my career and had a lot of works, presentations and listening with a good average (5.0 to 5.5 aprox.). I had other English classes in school and the previous university, but these classes have very well, with a lot of activities.
I enjoyed these classes, mainly presentations, because the topics of English presentations had very interesting and the results were good. Other reason is this blog. Realize this blog, for this semester was very interesting and sometimes funny. But, the blog was the better way to improve my English and interact with my classmates, and presentations were very good to have good vocabulary and pronunciation.
The most boring of English class is the written test, because didn't have interact with my classmates and sometimes, topics and texts have very boring.
The most difficult part in English class was complete words in a text. Sometimes have only one correct of 10 words or sometimes didn't finish the activity, because I needed more time to complete sentences.

Well, this is the last post. Thanks for your time to read these posts and have a good time.
Yours sincerely

Cristian Campos Valdivia.


  1. I agree with you!
    This subject is very interesting!

  2. the subject is interesting, but unlike you, I think the best way to improve the english level, is speaking, talking with others, forcing your mind to think on english. At least for me it's useful.

  3. English is important for a geographer, because I think that this language opens many doors in the future.

  4. i agrre with david, the best way too improve the english is talking wth others and maybe watching movies with english subtitules or without subtitules