Thursday, November 18, 2010

Classmate's blogs

Hi everybody!
Today I will talk about a blog of one classmate. This blog is Revolution! of Nicolás Villalobos. I like this blog because is easy to read, interesting posts and simple in the distribution.
This blog first with a image of The Beatles, the title of this blog is "Revolution!" and it's a song of The Beatles. In the posts, have interesting images and titles.
The post which I enjoyed most is "Favorite Childhood Game", the last post of this blog. I enjoyed this post because I played the game "Galaga" in NES or flipper in vacations. I remember this game, because it's simple, not easy and funny. I played this game when I had 5 to 10 years, and always die in the 3rd level, it's very difficult!
About this blog, is necessary to improve that, principally the distribution and configuration of the page. The image of The Beatles, generate problems with space and the posts appear in the lower side of the page and it's necessary for a reader blog, scroll up to see this blog.
In some post, the text height is very, very small. This problem generates difficulty for read. Furthermore, colors of the text and different text height in different post is one of the problems that it's necessary improve.
Other things to improve are to add links of all classmates. The reason is, to generate better access to another blogs and make navigates easy.
In spite of these problems, the blog is very interesting, good choices to answer the questions and topics and other reasons to enjoyed this blog.


  1. CC... thank you so much... really.. now I´m at home because I went yesterday to the soccer match and now I´m dead but really suprise to me ... a really good and happy suprise... thank you... :)

    look mine.. I choose for the LAMEST blog... xD

    and yeah

    T H E B E A T L E S R U L E S ! ! ! ! !

  2. Nico is funny and stupid but love you xd good post :) bless