Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Best Chilean: Pedro Aguirre Cerda

Hi everybody!
Today I will talk about "The Best Chilean". For me, the best Chilean is Pedro Aguirre Cerda.
This man was a president of Chile, between 1938 and 1941. He was a political figure and member of Radical Party.
The slogan "Gobernar es educar" (to govern is to educate) show this priority in government was education. He promoted the development of the technical-industrial schools and creates the Production Development Corporation (CORFO) to encourage with subsidies and direct investments and a program of import substitution industrialization (ISI). This was a basis of the industrialization of my country. In education, in this government, built thousands of new regular schools and encouraged the growth of the university system to cover the whole of the country.
For me, this is a important person, because the legacy of education keep until today (in spite of that education today is wrong, but for other reasons) and create an institution to develop industries, it remains today, supporting small and medium enterprises (PYMES) and other encourage in investigation and innovation.
If I could ask him, the question is: Create a lot of schools is great, but the quality of the class in this schools, how do you measure that? How do you encourage the quality of education? I think the answer of these questions, resolve the problem of education today, because he creates the system, but today, have to need an actualization.
Other thing about Pedro Aguirre Cerda is the chileans call him Don Tinto, because he had a farm with grapevine to create wine in Los Andes.


  1. Is a well-remembered in Chile for his concern for education and middle class, and to rebuild the country after the earthquake in Chillán in 1939.

  2. mmmm
    I had never known about his educational management

  3. To govern is to educate, to the best presidents of the Radical Party

  4. A referent of Radical Party, is a grandee