Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Favorite game when I was a child

Hi everybody!

Today I will talk about my favorite game when I was a child. This game was called Nintendo. Nintendo Entertainment System is the first videogame console when I used in my life. I played this game with a color TV (I played in a IRT TV) and a transformer. My favorite game in this console is Super Mario Bros. To play this game, I needed to buy a cartridge, put the cartridge (and blow this) and finally, play this game (one or two players). It was very simple, but not very easy to connect to the TV. In this situation, I needed to buy an adaptation. The game consist in a person to pass 8 worlds, eat coins and fungus (to growth or to give 1 up). The objective is to capture the princess in a castle, in the 8th world. The man, pass dessert, pipe or ice worlds.
I played this game regularly, 3 or 4 times a week. Sometimes, in a holidays, I played all the day, until finish the game, except in February when I didn't play the game, because transport this console to another house or TV, is very difficult and dangerous, in this period.
I played this game alone normally, but sometimes I played this game with my brother or another friend. This game only plays with 2 players, because the configuration of Super Mario Bros only can play with Mario (Red) or Luigi (Green).
I like this game because it was very funny, addictive and simple to play. But, the problems of this game are the ocular problems, because the color TV wasn't very good and old, and the transformer is bad. For me, is very common to heat up the transformer and burn out and other electrical problems. During the time, have good transformers and didn't have this problems. In 1996, my parents changed the TV and bought a Goldstar TV, to see the football match, and play better the game until 1997, when I have a PC and the old NES didn't like that.


  1. The Super Mario was an icon of our generation.

  2. Very good game.

    can you believe that even now I can't reach the final level? (8-4)

    I always die on level 8-2

  3. mario bros rules... when he hits block and things he got money...

  4. I can finishit this game in 5 min!!! ahahaha great moments playing with Mario. Fuckin Kupa!

  5. a Classic videogame console!
    But I´d rather have a playstation console!!

  6. Bowser is the name of the final boss Nacho, no Kupa